TicKLe Cards are shipped in assorted sets of 30 cards. A lovely crushed velvet carrying bag is included with each set.



Carry them in
your purse or wallet.
Leave them on your

Tape one to
Use one as a
Give some to
a friend.

TicKLe Cards make a great gift.

Happy Little Wallet Cards

Presenting our TicKLe Cards series of Happy Little Wallet Cards

TicKLe Cards

Targeted Kindness and Love Cards

A little love and encouragement on every card.

Give them away, but be sure to keep a few for yourself!

Show someome that you care. Share your love.
Make someone smile today.

You are a creative and talented person

Cards are approximately 2.25" x 3.5". Sold in assorted sets of 30.

  TicKLe Cards