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Simple Life Corporation - Quick and Clever Kitchen Tips:

From our new cookbook - CLEVER AND DELICIOUS COOKING

Quick Tip: Is your freezer too full? Make one night a week "freezer night." This is the night that you take something from the freezer--either as an ingredient or part of a meal, or by choosing one of the long since unidentifiable, plastic-encased, frozen globs from the back of the freezer shelf and finally throwing it away. In either case, something gets removed from the freezer on at least a weekly basis.

Quick Tip: When using a recipe that calls for shredded cheese, you can safely substitute low or no-fat versions if the recipe does not call for the cheese to be melted or otherwise cooked in the dish. Melted no-fat cheese has a much different consistency than regular melted cheese. You will need to experiment with brands and types of low fat cheese to find good substitutes.

Quick Tip: Save water and time when draining the dishwater from the sink: Unplug the drain and let the suds and water drain completely before rinsing the bottom of the sink with clear water. You won't waste water and time trying to rinse down soap bubbles that would have gone down the drain on their own.

Quick Tip: If you do not immediately remove your dish from the oven when the timer buzzes, always reset the timer, even if for 1-2 minutes. Just make it a habit - you'll save yourself from forgetting and overcooking the item.

Quick Tip: Save the rigid plastic trays from frozen microwave dinners and make your own frozen dinners. Vegetables will need a small amount of liquid for freezing. Meats will need a gravy or broth to keep from drying out in the freezer.

Quick Tip: Don't throw out that last bit of old peanut butter. Remove the label and mark with an "unhappy face" (so there is no chance your kids or spouse will mistake it as edible) and store it with your cleaning products. It is absolutely the best black heel mark remover that I have used. Just rub a little on the mark and lightly scrub it off. Rinse well afterwards, as it does leave a slick spot.

Clever and Delicious Cooking

        a cookbook for the clever cook

Clever and Delicious Cooking Cookbook

Quick, delicious, and simple ingredients!

Our NEW cookbook has over 200 tasty recipes and variations that use ingredients from your pantry shelf and/or leftovers! These are recipes that your family will really enjoy and eat. Hopefully, you will find one or two recipes that you remember being a family favorite, or at least several that will become favorites now!

The cookbook is from our philosophy that learning not to waste your food, your grocery purchases, and your time will help you in an overall program of learning to save and invest and make the most use of what you already have! We also strongly believe that eating at home, around the dinner table with the family is one of the best ways to strengthen family relationships.

Use our unique Index by Ingredient to find a recipe for an ingredient that you would like to use, like that container of sour cream in the fridge or that can of peaches in the pantry.

If you are eating takeout too often or throwing out too much of your weekly grocery purchases, then we guarantee that you will save at least the cost of our cookbook or your money back! We hope this will be an encouraging step toward a savings and investment program that will eventually lead to a calmer and higher quality of life for you!

Edited by CPA Patricia Tokar.

Price $7.95

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  We are working on our 2nd volume of the Clever and Delicious Cooking series.  Clever cooks, we need your recipes!  If you have a recipe that you reach for when you need to use up a certain ingredient, or when there seems to be "nothing to eat", then we'd like to see your recipe.  Our criteria is that the recipe should be relatively simple, use common ingredients, including leftovers, and be "real" food - not something a tired spouse or grouchy kid will snarl at.  

We'd also love to hear the story behind the recipe!  If your recipe is the first of it's kind submitted and we use it in the cookbook, we'll credit your name to the recipe and we'll send you a free copy of the cookbook when it is published!

Don't send your only copy of the recipe - we are unable to return recipes.  All submissions become the property of Simple Life Corp., but we do agree not to use the recipe without your name credit.

Thank  you, clever cooks!

You may mail your recipe to:

Patti Tokar

Simple Life Corporation

20613 CR 2

Bristol  IN  46507

or you may email it to:

recipes at


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