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Today's Kitchen Tip:

Place a clean paper towel loosely around a head of lettuce before storing it in your refrigerator. The paper towel will absorb excess moisture and help to extend the crisp life of the lettuce.

You can also place a folded paper towel in the container with your fresh salad mix to extend the crispy life of the salad mix.

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Clever and Delicious Cooking

Use what you have on hand. Eat dinner with your family.

        Clever and Delicious Cooking Cookbook

A cookbook filled with a variety of recipes that will help you create great family dinners and save money, too! 

         This cookbook was designed to help you stay out of the fast-food drive-up line.  The recipes are created specially to use ingredients that you have on hand.  The Index by Ingredient at the back of the cookbook will help you to find a recipe for an ingredient that you would like to use, such as sour cream, hamburger, apples, and other common food items.

         Make main dishes, snacks, cookies, desserts, sandwiches, side dishes and more! Many recipes are quick & easy.

        Order now and receive FREE measuring spoons and spatula set with purchase of Clever and Delicious Cooking.  Makes a great gift!



Special Offer. . . FREE measuring spoon set and 3 flexible spatulas with purchase of Clever and Delicious Cooking.

Spatulas and measuring spoons

While supplies last.  We will substitute utensils of equal or greater value only if necessary.




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What are they saying?....


"I baked the Applesauce Cake for my fiance.  I was nervous because it was special to him; his grandmother always baked Applesauce Cake for him.  It turned out great!  By the end of the evening there was only one small slice left.  The whole family just kept coming back for more!  Thanks!"

             -----Heather T.

"It's one of the best tasting pie crusts I've ever made (Cookie Pie Crust) - I made it with peanut butter pie filling and glazed it with chocolate glaze - it was luscious. Thanks!"

             ----Teresa H.

"I had so much fun making the Applesauce-Cereal Bread with my granddaughter.  It was easy and delicious.  Thank you so much!"

             ---Terri M.

"Very easy and very tasty! Rated a 10!" (About Cheesy Toast Sticks)

            --- Esther Mc.

Send us your comments!  Tell us about your favorite recipe in the book.  We'd love to hear from you.  Mail to recipes @

SAVE MONEY:  If you often eat take-out food because "there's nothing to eat at home" (even though your shelves and refrigerator are full!) we have lots of recipes that will help you to eat at home instead of in fast-food chaos.  We'll help you throw away less food by providing delicious recipes for the ingredients you have on hand.  We believe that this cookbook can help you save money, eat more delicious meals, and spend more time with your family at dinner! 

EAT LESS TAKE OUT! and HAVE MORE FAMILY DINNERS:  Are you frequently tired, but have to find something for dinner?  Not some long-winded recipe with 15 ingredients and 45 steps, but something quick and wholesome and delicious that will attract your family to the table?  Then this cookbook is designed for you!

USE INGREDIENTS YOU HAVE ON HAND:  Our cookbook has over 200 tasty recipes and variations that use ingredients from your pantry shelf and/or leftovers! These are recipes that your family will really enjoy and eat. Hopefully, you will find one or two recipes that you remember being a family favorite, or at least several that will become favorites now.

YES!  Recipes for casseroles, main dishes (lots of recipes for leftover TURKEY, HAM, and CHICKEN), side dishes, cookies, cakes, desserts, and appetizers! Even a few refreshing beverage recipes.  

Got boiled eggs? Try our BOILED EGG CASSEROLE, page 21. Tastes like a rich cheese omelet.

Have bread and a bit of ham? Try our BREAKFAST CASSEROLE. Make your weekend breakfast the night before and sleep in!

How about a box of cookies that the kids won't eat? ("They're not crisp anymore, Mom!") Try our COOKIE PIE CRUST, page 81, fill it with a pudding filling and they'll ask for more.

Got a bag of slightly stale marshmallows? Try our MARSHMALLOW CINNAMON PUFFS, pg 59. My, these are good!

The kids want cookies? You want something quick (and you don't have any chocolate chips!)? Try our HAPPY KID COOKIES, page 66. (Made with oats, so they sneak in some nutrition.) If you're in an even bigger hurry, try some of our cake mix cookies.

Home from work and need dinner in 20 minutes? Try our BEEF STEW BISCUITS, page 20.

Have slices of leftover bacon? Try our BACON QUICHE, page 17. Hint: Use a frozen pie crust and you'll have this elegant dish in the oven in 15 minutes. Add a salad and you've got dinner!

180+ recipes and 85 variations will give you lots of creative cooking!

The cookbook is from our philosophy that learning not to waste your food, your grocery purchases, and your time will help you in an overall program of learning to save and invest and make the most use of what you already have! We also strongly believe that eating at home, around the dinner table with the family is one of the best ways to strengthen family relationships.

Use our unique Index by Ingredient to find a recipe for an ingredient that you would like to use, like that container of sour cream in the fridge or that can of peaches in the pantry.

A HIGHER QUALITY OF LIFE: If you are eating takeout too often or throwing out too much of your weekly grocery purchases, then we guarantee that you will save at least the cost of our cookbook or your money back! We hope this will be an encouraging step toward a savings and investment program that will eventually lead to a calmer and higher quality of life for you!

We'd love to hear from you with your creative recipes!

Edited by Patricia Tokar.


Price $7.95. Plus two FREE gifts, set of measuring spoons and spatula. (We may substitute another utensil from our Ultimate Kitchen Set if we run low. No guarantees ... but if you have a preference for a substitute, let us know in the message section of the PayPal payment and we will do our best to fulfill.)

Click below to put in your shopping cart.  Choose payment by PayPal online or by mail with check or money order.  Simple Life Corp is a verified PayPal merchant. Order with confidence; we use secure servers and most orders ship the next business day! Remember, save the price of this cookbook or YOUR MONEY BACK! We're that sure you'll love this cookbook.




Most bookstores can order the book if you prefer to buy from your local bookstore and they do not have it in stock.

Thank you!

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