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What is the Simple Life?

What is the Simple Life?

by Patti Tokar

What is the Simple Life?

The simple life is probably best defined as a journey.  It is an awakening to a sense of self.  It is a search for--and a discovery of--those people, activities, possessions that slowly bring an awareness of the uniqueness of one's self and the pleasures, lasting satisfaction and deep contentment that come from honoring this knowledge. 

Conversely, living a simple life is a removal of the things that distract us from finding our own unique center:  Possessions that are no longer meaningful, social activities that are attended simply to be polite or out of duty, relationships that no longer work, household and other duties that have lost meaning or purpose in our lives. 

For most of us, simple living does not mean quitting one's job and moving to Alaska to live off the land in a rustic cabin.  It may eventually mean evaluating the meaning and purpose your job has for you, or it may mean moving to another part of the country.

However, we have found that the simple life is best approached slowly, starting with the little things, like a cluttered closet or a cluttered social calendar.  As the little time consumers and stress producers begin to disappear, it is amazing what insights into one's self will begin to appear.

The goal is to begin to know those things, people, careers, and activities that hold the most meaning for you.  It is to begin to let go of an outer definition of self (expensive cars, large homes, etc.) and to stop trying to layer yourself with so many possessions, titles, and activities that you are unable to stop and face your own uniqueness and what contribution you are really making to yourself, your family, society, and the universe. 


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