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Clutter Solutions - Techniques and Tips

Here is another clutter clearing idea from Simple Life:

Time Your Tasks for Clutter Control

Sometimes we don't start a cleaning task because we are sure it will take too long and we don't have enough time to finish it. This becomes a problem when you never really start anything because you always feel pressed for time.

One solution to this is to time your tasks. Yes, set the timer on your oven, or use a stop watch and measure how long some of your daily tasks actually take.

I accidentally discovered this clutter clearing technique one day when I was unloading the dishwasher - a chore that used to cause a backup of dirty dishes in the sink until I got the time to put the clean dishes away. I had put a dish in the microwave and set it to cook for two minutes. I then turned to the dishwasher and began to unload it and put away the dishes. It was fully loaded. I was shocked when the microwave timer went off just as I was putting away the last of the dishes. Could it really only take two minutes to unload it? Even if it was a five minute job, was I really putting it off and creating extra work and dirty dishes in the sink by avoiding five minutes of work?

That got me really curious and inspired. I started timing all the routine tasks, such as sweeping the floor, clearing papers off the table, folding and putting away a basket of laundry, loading the dishwasher, and polishing the counters. Each separate chore usually took less than five minutes! (The basket of laundry was an exception.)

So just to be curious, pick a clutter spot with a specific routine chore- like clearing the coffee table of all the papers, or picking up dirty laundry from a chair, or lining up the shoes in the entryway,. or sweeping the kitchen floor - and use a stopwatch or your oven timer and just see how long it takes from start to finish. You may be as surprised as I am that some of the chores you have procrastinated on just take TWO MINUTES!

You probably have several two to five minute time spaces during the day. You'll be amazed how much clutter clearing and clutter organizing you can do by making easy use of these small bits of time.


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