Clutter Control Tips and Decluttering Ideas

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Clutter Solutions - Techniques and Tips

Here is another Simple Life idea to help clear your clutter. Use these tips and ideas to find new approaches to declutter your home and to form new habits to stay clutter free.

Declutter Idea: Play the Movie Game

Clutter can have roots in indecision and confusion. A pile of clutter may be the result of not being sure if you are finished with a project, with a phase of your life, or even with a person. Sometimes it's too difficult to make decisions about what you need or what you will want at some point in time. So we store things, we put them in boxes and drawers and on the shelves. Eventually, we pile more things on top of the boxes, stuff the drawers until they barely close, and put so many things on the shelves that it is a hazard to take something down for fear of collapsing the whole stack.

This can be difficult clutter to get rid of. This kind of clutter seems to have "maybe" and "ought to" and "I'm not sure" stamped on it.

If you have a corner or a closet of this type of clutter, then playing a bit of a game with ir may be helpful for letting go of some or all of it. Take some time to get clear on your ultimate image of yourself and your lifestyle. Do you want to be comfortably wealthy? A world traveler? A business owner? In a fantastic relationship or marriage? Working in a high-level executuve office? It's totally up to you ... what do you really, really want to be and how do you want to live?

Got the clear image? Now pretend that you are playing that character in a movie. What things does she (he) like? What would she keep? Would a world traveler really have a pile of outdated clothes that have to be ironed everytime they are washed? Would a wealthy, sophisticated character really have a dusty box of gadgets and electronic things that or broken or cracked and can't be used until they are repaired? Would a woman in a passionate and deeply committed relationship really have a closet shelf of cutsey stuffed animals? Would an organized, confident person really have messy stacks of months-old newspapers? These are just suggestions ... it's up to you to create this ideal character and then look through their eyes and decide what they think of the piles of stuff.

One you really get "in character" you may find the clutter clearing really fast. Do it consistently enough and you may also find not only is the clutter completely cleared, but that you are beginning to live the life that you had only dreamed about. Acting "as if" is the first step to actually getting what you really want.

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Check out our list of suggestions for places to give your items at Simple Life's Clutter Control Center . Thanks for reading. I hope that this is a great help to you.