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Gratitude and Abundance


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Everyday Gratitude 

"If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "Thank you," that would suffice."
. - Meister Eckhart

These are past expressions of gratitude from Today I'm Grateful on the home page.

I share these with you with the thought that you may have experienced something similar and you will share the gratitude or perhaps the posts will just help you to be more aware and deeply grateful for your amazing and beautiful life.

With love and peace,

I am grateful...

94. For a glass of ice water mixed with a generous splash of fruit juice.

93. For the silver moon and brilliant Venus, breathtaking in the serene night sky.

92.For cool night air and warm blankets.

91. For slow, deep, cleansing breaths while standing in Warrior II Pose.

90. For my lovely red Swingline stapler that staples easily, smoothly, and decisively.

89.That I live in a country where I have the right to vote.

88. For rain that quenches the parched ground and waters the flowers, vegetables, trees, and grass.

87. For raised vegetable beds for the garden, handmade by my husband.

86. For flowers blooming in arrays of pinks, reds, yellows, and more; a gift of art from the earth.

85. For quiet mornings on the deck, listening to bird songs and the breeze rustling through the trees.

84. For turquoise blue lake water and lazy pontoon boats.

83. For the electrifying performance and clear, sweet, rich voice of a rising star at last night's performance at the Ignition Garage.

82. For refreshingly cold, clear, pure winter air.

81. For the joyful smile of a sick child who was just given a long awaited, doctor-approved popsicle.

80. For pumpkin-spice scented candles.

79. For birthday parties, babies, laughing children, balloons, and chocolate birthday cake.

78. For tiny lime green shoots venturing up from tilted peat pots.

77.For quiet, beautiful shadows across the morning stairway.

76. For a soft, warm scarf that keeps the winter wind away.

75. That I was able to easily find a new battery for my pedometer.

74. For my bookmark with the paintings of beautiful, soft pink tulips.

73. To breathe deep breaths of clean, cool air.

72. For the beautiful, sensual, powerful yoga practice of Namaste Yoga.

71. For Cheeto, our sleek, dignified, purring cat.

70. For a working washer and dryer.

69. For a kitchen sink with running water.

68. For beautiful white fog suspended above the snow-covered ground.

67. For a full tank of gas in my car.

66. For a spoonful of golden honey in my morning coffee.

67. For a warm coat and gloves.

66. For the silver star I see every morning from my bedroom window.

65. For the bright red cardinal that appeared on our frost covered deck.

64. For time with my husband while we fixed make-ahead meals together.

63. For the sweet, juicy watermelon we carried in from the garden.

62. That my father's surgery was successful. For this I am grateful beyond words.

61. For my favorite mechanical pencil; it fits just so in my hand.

60. For a phone call with my father.

59. For flowers blooming in profusion after a long-awaited rain.

58. For a downpour of rain on the parched summer lawn.

57. For Friday night dinner outside on the deck.

56. For the lovely yellow butterfly drifting, landing, and gracefully fluttering on the lilac bushes.

55. For the soft, silky feel of my dog's fur.

54. For a phone call from my son.

53. For the ultra smooth pages and crisp thin lines of my new Miquelrius notebook.

52. For the welcome sound of my car's engine starting after an experience with a dead battery.

51. For lavender flowers - small, lovely, and bell shaped - on the campanula plant on the windowsill.

50. For cookbooks filled with intriguing recipes.

49. For electricity connected and flowing into my home.

48. For fresh-baked corn muffins spread with a little butter and a lot of homemade grape jelly.

47. For sweet blueberry tea sipped from an ornate tea cup.

46. To wake up, warm and drowsy, and listen to the rain and wind against the windows and roof.

45. That there are nearby grocery stores with shelves full of a wide variety of nourishing food.

44. For the sweet, minty, cool fragrance of the armfuls of apple mint, freshly cut from the garden.

43. For the peaceful, calm weather in my area ... while praying often for the people in the path of Hurricane Irene.

42. For the feeling of wonder and the sense of accomplishment I feel when I stand at the edge of my summer garden and see all the tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and more, all so fresh, colorful, and appealing.

41. For the way Cheeto, our cat, lifts up his head, closes his eyes, and purrs when I pet him.

40. For the smooth, well designed and well maintained roads in the North Carolina Piedmont.

39. For tomato and pepper plants covered with flowers and tiny green tomatoes and peppers.

38. For the mechanic who did such good quality maintenance on my car.

37. For the baby who carefully studied my face, then gave me a joyful smile.

36. For the beauty and fragrance of a freshly-mowed lawn.

35. For pink apple blossoms, in splendid masses on the branches.

34. For awesome, brilliant flashes of lightning and explosions of thunder - a powerful display of nature that I experience from the security of my home.

33. For fresh, smooth, new paint in lovely colors on the walls.

32. For a winter moment in my laundry room when I crushed a lavender flower bud from my summer garden and smelled the sweet, heady, earthy scent of lavender.

31. For money that arrives in time to pay all bills.

30. For a pair of blue jeans that look good and fit just right.

29. That our home is still warm, secure, and has electric power after a brutal winter storm.

28. For the lovely cherry blossom design on my tube of body wash from Bath & Body Works.

27. To open the morning curtains to discover the entire view filled with fat, white snowflakes floating, swirling, and falling silently to the ground. A gift of beauty from January.

26. For the square of the Hersheys chocolate bar that I let melt in my mouth. Mmmmm.

25. For the beautiful vase of fresh flowers on the table and the surge of joy I feel when I see it.

24. For the warm, welcoming envelope of air that surrounds me when I step inside the house on a bitter cold winter day.

23. For the aroma of a golden skinned turkey baking in the oven and knowing that my family will be here soon for dinner.

22. For holding hands with my man - warm, comfortable, connected and loving.

21. For my mixing bowls, kitchen utensils, pantry items, and the sensuous aroma of a chocolate cake baking in the oven.

20 For the lovely morning view from my window of soft fog across the brown fields and a luminous, pale pink sky.

19. For leaves changing to yellow, orange, and red on the trees along the road that I drive to and from work.

18. For a fragrant cup of dark brown coffee, sweetened with a spoonful of honey and sprinkled with cinnamon.

17. For having reliable transportation and the ability to easily get to my destinations.

16. For the kindness of the man at the garage sale who insisted on carrying my purchases to the car for me.

15. For a bowl of steel cut oatmeal with cinnamon, fresh strawberries, and brown sugar.

14. For drenching summer rain on the gardens.

13. For good friends, good food, and good conversation at a summer barbeque.

12. For wildflowers growing in profusion and bright colors along the fence.

11. For the deep, sweet flavor and luscious, dark blue color of freshly picked blueberries.

10. For feeling almost like a child again when I watch the happy dancing and giggling of my little, beautiful nieces and nephew.

9. For the clear beauty and refreshing taste of my glass of ice water.

8. That after the storm, my house stands quiet and untouched amidst a torrent of damaged trees in the yard.

7. For the deep delight of meeting a long-unseen friend by chance.

6. For the feeling of deep relief, clarity, and peace that came when I forgave a long-held wrong.

5. For long, sweet, peaceful moments sitting outside on the deck with my morning coffee.

4. For red, sweet, juicy strawberries.

3. To wake up to a cool morning breeze flowing softly across my skin.

2. For the sound of rain on the leaves and the peaceful feeling it brings.

1. For the heavy sweet fragrance and lovely delicate color of lilacs on the lilac bushes.