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Simple Life Affirmations

These are daily positive affirmations from Affirmations of the Day on the home page.

Positive affirmations should be repeated until they become part of your subconscious mind. Dry, mindless repitition will be of little value. For an affirmation to become a part of your psyche, it must said or heard with emotion, especially the powerful emotions of love, eager excitement, burning desire, and joy.

As you read through this list of affirmations, a few will give you a powerful energetic response. These are the ones most meaningful to you and your desired situation. Don't try to figure out why, just let the affirmation start working and see what unfolds. Try writing them on a card and placing it in a routine place, such as by your toothbrush or on your nightstand. Affirmations seem to work best when repeated at least three times. Any affirmation should resonate inside - joy, excitement, love, hope, or any other powerful positive emotion.

One method that I derived from a suggestion from Carol Tuttle, is to tap the center of your chest as you repeat an affirmation. This increases the heart energy flow to the affirmation.

I hope this list of affirmations will bring you abundance, peace, love, happiness, and success.

86. What a beautiful world.

85. I am a person of great faith.

84. If there is anyone I need to forgive, I now bless them, love them, forgive them, and move on.

83. I have the courage and the love to stand up for myself.

82. New experiences are happening to me now and I willingly allow them to flow through my life.

81. My life is transitioning smoothly, rapidly, and beautifully - all in a relaxed and easy way for the greater good of all.

80. I am amazed and blessed with all the gifts I am given.

79. My thoughts are clear and my mind is brilliant.

78. I am vibrantly alive with creative energy.

77. Everything is happening in its own perfect time.

76. I make the decisions that affect my life.

75. I forgive myself for all of the wrongs of my past.

74. I expect and give thanks for lavish abundance and beauty in my life.

73.Perhaps I am flawed, but my love is pure, deep, and flawless.

72. I make the decisions that affect my life.

71. I observe before I react.

70. I am willing to change.

69. Money flows in relaxed, easy abundance.

68. Today I practice kindness.

67. I accept the flow of life and find that all my needs are lovingly provided.

66. It's a fresh new, brand new day.

65. Life, I love you.

64. I look forward to my future with awe.

63. It is what it is.

62. It feels peaceful to simply observe without the need to judge.

61. My life is a continuing expression of my purpose and my true nature.

60. I release the useless so that the new and useful may have room to come into my life.

59. This, too, shall pass.

58. I know how to recognize and express my emotions in a healthy way.

57. When faced with a problem, I am capable of finding solutions.

56. There are miracles all around me.

55. I radiate love and breathe in joy.

54. I love myself enough to create comfort in my life.

53. I look at my past with love and forgiveness.

52. I listen.

51. I have so many good people in my life and so many more yet to meet.

50. I am spending less than I earn and saving the rest.

49. The door I've been knocking frantically on was already left unlocked.

48. I choose to be happy.

47. I take 100 percent responsibility for my actions and I allow others to take responsibility for their own actions.

46. I remain calm, clear minded, and breathing deeply regardless of my surroundings.

45. I keep my promises. I'm careful about what I promise.

44. I am worthy of the best in life and I now lovingly allow myself to accept it.

43. I am willing to move out of my comfort zone.

42. I am a magnet for love and abundance.

41. Today is the most important day of my life.

40. I can listen to and learn from my anger without fear of losing control.

39. If I no longer use an item, I release it so that someone else may benefit from it.

38. I no longer feel the need to prove that I am right.

37. I trust myself to take the right action.

36. I choose happiness and abundance and I give thanks that these are now appearing in my life.

35. As I let go of old ways, new and powerful ways quickly manifest in my life.

34. I am willing to change the pattern within me that is causing this condition.

33. I now keep my work area neat, organized, and clean.

32. I now bless and release from my life all worn out and broken things.

31. I have let go of the need to be second best.  I give myself permission to excel.

30. Deep inside, I DO know what to do.

29. My life is brilliant.

28. I gracefully deal with the events of my day for I know that everything is part of a divine plan.

27. I am a person of great faith.

26. Nothing is too wonderful to happen! Nothing is too good to be true!

25. My radiant inner beauty shines through to enrich and enhance my outer beauty.

24. I am truthful and authentic.

23. I move through my fears and allow new experiences into my life.

22. I live in harmony and balance with the world and the people in my life.

21. I love myself fully and totally.

20. I look at others with thoughts of love, blessings, and total acceptance.

19. Riches of every sort are drawn to me.

18. My work is meaningful and I perform each task with love.

17. This moment, right now, is full, alive, and resounding with joy.

16. I welcome financial abundance. I am capable of wisely handling financial success.

15. I am willing to release the need to be criticized.

14. In Divine grace, I release the past, all pain, and all resentments. With Divine grace, I now allow peace and forgiveness.

13. The infinite wisdom of the Universe guides me and prospers me and I am successful in everything I undertake.

12. I am willing to change and I flow peacefully with the changes as they appear in my life.

11. I easily, efficiently, and lovingly complete all my priorities and tasks.

10. My environment is glowing with radiant beauty, radiant riches, and radiant good.

9. I am creative and energetic.

8. I am at peace. Divine peace is at my center.

7. I have quiet, strong confidence. I can face anything.

6. There are good days ahead. There are rich days ahead.

5. I expect lavish abundance every day in every way in my life and relationships.

4. Every day in every way, I am getting better and better.

3. I have let go of all fear. Fear has no power over me now.

2. I love the highest and best in all people. I now draw the highest and best people to me.

1. New opportunities appear to me every day.




Two authors whose affirmations have deeply affected me are Catherine Ponder and Napoleon Hill. My favorite books from these authors are:

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity - Your Master Key to Prosperity by Catherine Ponder

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - the link is my affiliate link with Amazon. Although there are many reprinted versions of Think and Grow Rich, this is my strong recommendation. The book is paperback with an unusually durable binding and pliable cover and pages. It feels magnificent to hold and to fold back the pages for reading and highlighting.

I have heavily highlighted copies of both of these books and consider them books to reference and re-read on a continual basis.

Many of the affirmations above are directly or indirectly from these books.