Clutter Control Tips and Decluttering Ideas

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Clutter Solutions - Techniques and Tips

Here is another Simple Life idea to help clear your clutter. Use these tips and ideas to find new approaches to declutter your home and to form new habits to stay clutter free.

Clear Your Zorro Circle:
Conquer your clutter

In his book, The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor tells how the legendary Zorro was able to transform from a depressed, inept man into a skilled, powerful swordsman and hero. His secret came when his teacher/master drew a circle in the dirt and told him that he would first learn to fight only from the circle and not until he had mastered the circle could he expand out.

As Achor explains, it turns out the technique can work for almost any life problem. In our case, we'll use it to conquer clutter. One Zorro circle at a time. Actually, according to Achor, just conquering the first circle often rapidly expands itself out in powerful ways that cannot even be guessed when first beginning to use the technique.

So, how do we apply this to clutter? Find your Zorro circle. This should be a very small space, say a square foot of a counter or a corner of a dresser, that you first clear of all clutter, clean, and then guard zealously against any and all new clutter. For maximum effect, pick a place that often bothers you and that will give your spirit an uplift whenever you see it's smooth, clear area.

Now continue to guard just this clutter-free space. Be vigilant. Check it in the morning, tidy it after work, check and clear it again before bedtime. Until you have totally conquered this little Zorro circle, do not try to expand out into the rest of the room or house. It's ok if you find yourself clearing other areas, but you sole purpose here is total protection from clutter of your Zorro circle. Don't lose focus from the circle, ever. You must continue this until you are powerfully and totally in control of the clutter from this little area.

What will happen? Who knows? Maybe you'll clear your clutter one Zorro circle at a time. Maybe you'll feel so much power that you'll take a weekend to clear all your clutter. Maybe your kids and spouse will be so impressed that they will pick up their own Zorro circles.

If clutter has been a lifelong problem or a problem you just can't seem to conquer, the Zorro circle just might be your answer.


Article by Patti Tokar Canton



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Mimi Tanner has an excellent program to declutter your home fast. She sends out a free, informative newsletter on controlling clutter.

Mimi Tanner's
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How to Get Your Home
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Check out our list of suggestions for places to give your items at Simple Life's Clutter Control Center . Thanks for reading. I hope that this is a great help to you.