Clutter Control Tips and Decluttering Ideas

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Clutter Solutions - Techniques and Tips

Here is another Simple Life idea to help clear your clutter. Use these tips and ideas to find new approaches to declutter your home and to form new habits to stay clutter free.

Use It, Wear It, Schedule It

Often clutter accumulates because you stockpiled items that were on sale or perhaps you have a perfectly good, useful item that you are saving because you may use it someday.

Unless you have an excellent storage and retrieval system, buying multiple sale-priced items may actually cost you more in the long run. When items are purchased and stored they may be forgotten or can't be found when needed. Poorly stored items may also spoil, expire, go out of style, or get moth-eaten. And worse, they not only create clutter in your storage areas, but they also take up precious space that you could be using to store true money-saving purchases.

The clutter solution is not to create new shelves or storage areas. The solution is to begin using the stored items. Oddly, this creates a relatively efficient way to not only begin clearing shelves of good, usable clutter but to train yourself to reconsider stocking up or buying sale items without first considering whether you already have enough of the item and whether you will actually use it.

This works amazingly well to clear clothing closet clutter. (Say that three times, fast.) You probably have articles of unworn clothing that you are keeping because they are beautiful, or were expensive, or perhaps you expect to someday morph into a thin, jet-setting, stylish socialite and then you will have a need to wear them. Perhaps the piece needs a button or has a stain that needs to removed. Either way, just set it out for wearing the next day, or at least plan the day that you absolutely will wear it to a party or a function. That alone may be enough. If you find yourself feeling anxious, rebellious, or even repulsed at "having" to wear the piece, or having to repair it and then wear it, then this is a good signal to immediately get rid of it.

If you do actually wear the piece of clothing, you may quickly discover why you've subconsciously avoided it. The fabric may itch or tug in all the wrong places or the cut may add 10 pounds to your figure. The color may age you or make you look like you're in the early stages of recovering from some serious illness. These are good signals to discard the piece and you will more likely follow those signals if you know that if the clothing goes back in your closet, you will be required to wear it again.

Conversely, you may discover a piece or two that are especially flattering, and can be moved to the "wear often" section of your closet. That is always a nice discovery.

The same principal works with kitchen items, food items, office supplies, household supplies, personal care items, and anything else that has been stored for a while but you can't quite let go of.

It's simple: Use it. Get it out and begin using it.

You may quickly find out that you have a 10 year supply of a one-year-shelf-life item. You may discover delicious new recipes for those 15 cans of sliced peaches. Older facial creams may be used on your elbows and heels. The thought of actually ingesting an expired medication will make you quickly toss it. Other items may be determined to be broken, inadequate for their designed function, or just too much trouble to use. Perhaps some of the items will make great gifts.

Using the items, or setting them out for using right away, will almost always bring up the reason that they have been part of the clutter. You will not only have to face it and resolve it, but your mind will then be more open to preventing a repeat of the clutter creating situation. Sale items won't look so appealing. You will begin to learn to ask yourself "when will I actually use this?" before you buy an item.

Perhaps the saying "Use it or lose it" wasn't meant to be used when dealing with clutter, but it certainly applies well!


This is one of SimpleLifeCorp's clutter clearing ideas.

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Check out our list of suggestions for places to give your items at Simple Life's Clutter Control Center . Thanks for reading. I hope that this is a great help to you.