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How to Achieve Your Goals

Achieving Your GoalsĀ 

The 7 Step Process

Blackboard with Set Goals written in chalk1) The single most powerful way to increase your chances of success in achieving your goals is to write them down. Write your goals in simple, powerful language in the present tense.

2) Now clearly picture yourself having already achieved the goal. Just visualize your goal. Create as much detail as you can. Imagine the sense of touch, color, scent, sounds ... as much as possible, even if it is just a vague impression.

3) Now go back over your goals and for each goal, figure out the first step. For example, if you want to travel to Italy, then the next step might be to determine your budget, or it might be to decide which area of Italy you want to visit. If you can't decide on which should be the next step, just pick one and start on it. Action is the main purpose here.

4) Concentrate on just completing that step. Assume that all other steps will take care of themselves.

5) Set a regular time to review your goals. Visualize, again with as much detail as possible, having already achieved your goal. Feel it deeply, even if just for a moment.

Note: At this point, especially as you visualize, you may decide to adjust your goal. For example, as you progress through the steps, you may realize that you really prefer visiting France instead of Italy. That is perfectly ok. If this causes you to start over in the steps, you will almost always find that you progress through the repeated steps much more rapidly on the adjusted goal.

6) If you have already completed the first step, then write down the next step. Concentrate on just completing that step.

7) Keep repeating the review, visualizing, and next step until you have reached your goal.

Use our Meditation Timer - while you visualize. You can select your music and set the timer for 1 to 60 minutes.

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