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I have a set of these cards ... they come in a sturdy, colorful box and I read and meditate on one card at a time ... very powerful and cleansing. Louise Hay is an inspiration for me.

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I listen to these and like them not only because they are powerful and relevant but because I can play my own music while I listen. 




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By Brad Swift, Veterinarian and Founder of "Life on Purpose"

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In working with literally thousands of people over the past 10 -15 years, I've found that there are some favorite insights, steps, and actions that people can take to enhance the quality of their lives. So, here's my list of my favorite ways:

1.  Consider your every thought, word, and action is a prayer to God. I have found this to be one of the greatest ways to start take responsibility for your life. What if all prayers to God do come true and it's just that you didn't realize that you're always praying to God with every thought, word and deed, and God answers the culmination of those prayers by giving you exactly the kind of life you've been praying for. So, each time you think, "I can't ____ (fill in the blank), God/ the Universe hears and starts to answer it. Then if you say, I can ___ (fill in the blank), God begins to answer that. This is really good news if you are interested in enhancing the quality of your life because the thoughts, word and actions you 'pray' today will give you the life you'll live tomorrow. Just be careful what you pray for. They do come true.

2. A simple shift from lack to abundance. A common way of thinking that interferes with the quality of life is to think 'lack conscious' thoughts. One of the most common and self-limiting phrases is "I can't afford it." Wow! What a powerful declaration of lack. If you're interested in bringing more prosperity into your life, try this exercise for the next 30-days. Change the declaration of "I can't afford it," to a question, "How could I afford it?" This speculative phrase will begin to shift your thinking from lack to abundance.

3. Living a life of no regrets. Are you interested in living a life with no regrets. I am and the following exercise has proven very powerful for me in fulfilling that commitment so far. In fact, it's what I used when it was time for me to choose to leave my highly successful veterinary practice to give my best shot at being a writer, speaker and coach. Here it is:

Imagine you're lying on your deathbed at the end of your life. Whatever age that might be, you're lying on your deathbed and you know that your time has come. You're encircled by your loved ones, you're not in pain, and you're quite coherent. One of your loved ones asks you the question, "Any regrets about your life?"

Everybody grows suddenly quiet. What a question to ask someone who's dying, but they all breath easily again when you smile and reply, "No, not one. I've lived a life of no regrets."

Now, come back to the present moment. What kind of life would you need to lead to be able to say that? Whatever your present situation, whatever crossroad you're presently at, what direction leads to a life of no regrets?

4. Shifting Responsibility from blame/credit to being at cause in your life.  Most people live in a paradigm of thinking that only allows them to hear the term, "responsibility" as either "I'm to blame," or "I should get the credit." But shifting your perception of responsibility away from blame and credit and towards, "I am at cause in my life" is a very powerful shift in consciousness. Of course, it helps a lot to give up your victim act in the process. In fact, you can't make this mental leap without letting go of that old baggage.

5. Moving from "either/or" thinking to "both/and" thinking. Ever catch yourself in "either/or" thinking?  I know I have and when I have it's allowed for a real breakthrough in my thinking. Perhaps one of the most dramatic was when I was still a vet. By working with my coach, we were able to distinguish that a fundamental way of thinking that had shaped my in my practice was, "I can either be a real contribution to my clients OR I can make a lot of money." Boy, it sounds so funny to say it today, but at the time that's how being a vet occurred to me. No wonder that in the next year of giving up that way of thinking and putting in, "Being of service to my clients and patients is an optimum road to riches in all forms," the practice grew by over 40%, my income more than doubled, and I fell back in love with being a vet.

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