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Methods to let go of old beliefs to change

Try this unusual technique for changing your life

Ready to Change Your Life? Try Yawning

by Patti Tokar Canton

Have you been trying to change an old behavior, but just feel stuck? Mark Waldman and Andrew Newberg, MD, co-authors of the book How God Changes Your Brain, have some advice: Yawn.

In their article, Create a New Year's Revolution, in the January 2012 issue of Science of Mind, the authors tell us that the first step to changing yourself is to let go of old ideas, beliefs and behaviors. The fastest way to achieve this, they say, is to take a full sixty seconds to yawn, stretch, take deep cleansing breaths, and relax totally. Next take ten deep breaths and begin to yawn and keep yawning as many times as you can.

Finally, tighten all your muscles in your face, arms, and legs. Hold, count to a slow ten, and then relax like a rag doll and shake it out.

The authors explain that this will create a clear mind which leads to a calm, relaxed mind. In this state of mind, it is easier to let go of old habits and thoughts that keep you locked in old patterns.

So, if you have been trying to change your life, or have been frustrated in trying to reach a goal or to solve a problem, try this technique.

Here is a recap of the steps:

1. Yawn
2. Stretch
3. Breathe deeply
4. Relax your whole body
5. Take ten deep breaths
6. Yawn as many times as you can
7. Tighten your muscles
8. Hold for 10 seconds
9. Relax like a rag doll
10. Shake it out

Take a moment to experience the expanding feeling of lightness and clarity in your mind and body. Now, start moving toward the change you desire.

Mark Robert Waldman has long list of credentials, including research work with Andrew Newberg, MD. His talk on changing the brain through meditation is posted on You Tube.

Dr. Andrew B Newberg is an Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania and a staff physician in Nuclear Medicine.



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Two authors whose affirmations have deeply affected me are Catherine Ponder and Napoleon Hill. My favorite books from these authors are:

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity - Your Master Key to Prosperity by Catherine Ponder

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - the link is my affiliate link with Amazon. Although there are many reprinted versions of Think and Grow Rich, this is my strong recommendation. The book is paperback with an unusually durable binding and pliable cover and pages. It feels magnificent to hold and to fold back the pages for reading and highlighting.

I have heavily highlighted copies of both of these books and consider them books to reference and re-read on a continual basis.

Many of the affirmations above are directly or indirectly from these books.