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I have a set of these cards ... they come in a sturdy, colorful box and I read and meditate on one card at a time ... very powerful and cleansing. Louise Hay is an inspiration for me.

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I listen to these and like them not only because they are powerful and relevant but because I can play my own music while I listen. 




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Traits of Successful People

10 Most Important Attributes of Successful People

by Daniel R. Murphy


A study of successful people identifies ten common attributes that nearly all successful people share. You will find these qualities written about in the best success literature and you will see it in the most successful people you meet. Adopt these ten attributes - make them your attributes and you will establish the best possible foundation for success.

1. A definite Aim

Successful people know where they are going. They have identified a definite purpose, goal or aim in life and they pursue it. They do not allow themselves to be easily distracted from it. They focus their planning, efforts, actions, and thinking on their definite aim. This quality is common of people in all disciplines, professions and pursuits who succeed.

2. Optimism

Successful people are nearly always optimistic. They see the glass half full. They look for and exploit opportunities. They do not make excuses. They understand that optimistic people are more attractive and others will be inspired by them. An optimistic outlook is powerful. It gives you energy to work hard and to keep at it. It helps you keep the faith.

3. Discipline

Self discipline is essential to success. All of the other attributes of success require it. Success requires the willingness to work hard, to stick to the vision and aim that you are driven to accomplish and to focus energy toward its accomplishment. Without discipline you will never stay the course long enough to succeed. Successful people, from athletes to business people share this characteristic. Often the key difference between a person with great ideas who succeeds and one who does not is that the successful person has the discipline to follow through and make it happen. Discipline requires an understanding that hard work and consistency today pays off tomorrow. It requires the willingness to delay gratification for a greater return over time. It is the crucial ingredient to mastery.

4. Hard Work

I have never met a truly successful person who is not willing to work hard and who does not in fact work hard. You will receive in proportion to what you give. In a competitive world full of hungry people seeking to succeed hard work separates the serious from the wishful thinkers.

5. Use of the Whole Mind

Successful people understand that their conscious mind is only a part of their potential. They understand that we have a right brain and a left brain. They use their sixth sense, their intuition and their gut feelings just as much as their analytical thinking. It is only by using all the talents of your whole mind that you can marshal the thinking necessary to succeed.

6. Continuous Learning

The most successful people are committed to continuous learning. They read and study books constantly. They are prolific readers. They make notes and refer back to them. They expand and deepen their understanding and learn new skills. The world is changing fast and to succeed you must continuously learn to adapt to that changing world.

7. They Take Risks

Very few people accomplish much without a willingness to take risks. I am not here suggesting that you take wild risks or that you be reckless. Profitable risk taking is calculated. It is the results of careful planning and preparation. There comes a time however when the planning and the preparation are done and there is only one way to reap the benefit - and that involves taking some risk. Those who are completely risk avoidant usually accomplish little.

8. Mastery

The most accomplished people in every field are those that achieve mastery of it. Studies have shown that mastery takes time and a lot of work. It usually takes 10,000 hours or more of disciplined work to achieve mastery, often more. Do not be discouraged by this. The 10,000 hours will pass whether you devote them to mastery or not. Devote them to mastery however and you will rise above the masses and distinguish yourself. You will lay the groundwork for success.

9. Being Well Rounded

Spending all your time and effort on one thing rarely leads to a realization of your potential. A well rounded life, with time spent on valued relationships, maintaining your health, and enjoying all that life has to offer not only reinforces your efforts toward your definite aim it also makes life fully lived.

10. The Power of Expectations

Our lives and accomplishments are dictated in large part by our expectations. If you expect to accomplish little you likely will. Shoot for the moon and even if you do not attain it, and you may well, you will land much further than if you set a low expectation for yourself. Our thinking and our actions are limited by and driven by our expectations. Those who succeed fully expect to succeed.

Study the lives of successful people and you will find these attributes over and over. Learn from them. Practice them. In time they will pay you back a thousand fold. People do not succeed accidentally - they succeed on purpose and by harnessing these attributes of achievement.

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Increase your success with wisdom from these highly respected, classic, works:

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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - Although there are many reprinted versions of Think and Grow Rich, this is my strong recommendation. The book is paperback with an unusually durable binding and pliable cover and pages. It feels magnificent to hold and to fold back the pages for reading and highlighting.

I have heavily highlighted copies of both of these books and consider them books to reference and re-read on a continual basis.

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