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Controlling an Ant Problem

Natural Method to Control Ants

Antby Patti Tokar

Summer brings sunshine, thunderstorms, flowers, green grass, cool breezes, swimming pools, and .... ants.


If you are battling ants, then you know how difficult it is to leave a bowl of food out for your pet without finding an ant invasion a few hours later. Here is a simple, natural solution to the problem:

Fill a saucer, plate, or shallow bowl with water. Be sure that the diameter of the dish is several inches larger than the pet food bowl. Now, place the pet food bowl on the saucer. The water in the saucer will create a little moat that the ants will not be able to cross. As long as the saucer stays filled with water, the ants will leave your pet's food alone. This easy trick will keep ants out of cat food and dog food. This works indoors or outdoors, although outdoors the water will evaporate faster so it will need to be replenished every few hours.

Try this at picnics and outdoor barbeques: set out the condiments in a shallow pan of water. In fact, this will work for anything that can be set inside of a "moat" of water in a saucer or plate.

This prevents ants inside the house, too. For example, if you leave a honey bottle on the counter and keep finding an ant or two on it, then place the honey bottle in a shallow saucer of water on your counter. Viola, no ants.

It's simple, chemical-free, effective, and low or no-cost.

Now enjoy your summer, minus the ants.



Article by Patti Tokar Canton ©2011
All Rights Reserved. Do not duplicate without permission.


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