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Simple Living Tip - Simple Steps

Decide What You Like

Simple Living Tip


Has your life become just a blur of work, errands, chores, and obligatory social events? Do you wake up, stumble through the day and fall into an exhausted heap in the bed at night?

Maybe that description is a little extreme. Maybe not. But it is clear that many of us are going through life with the fast-forward button pressed down. That means that we are really just existing, rather than living a full, rich, rewarding life.

If your life seems stressed and colorless, then one of the first things you can do to change that is to start being aware of what you like and dislike. From there you can begin to decide what you want and do not want in your life.

Start small. Really small. Be aware of anything that makes you light up with joy, even for a brief moment. As you find those things, make an effort to experience them often. Do you like the fragrance of coffee brewing? Take a moment to really breathe it in. Do you simply light up inside when you see your child sleeping peacefully? Make a point to check on your child before you go to bed. Do you love quiet mornings? Then get up 10 (or more) minutes earlier than everyone else.

Do the opposite exercise, too. Do you hate that orange vase on the mantel? Take it down. Do you cringe at a week-old smudge on the window? Clean it. Do you tense up when your teenager speaks to you with sarcasm? Tell him it is not acceptable - and mean it. Do you merely tolerate the radio station that your passenger always turns on? Make a rule that you get to chose the station at least some of the time.

Got it? Until you start becoming aware of the details of your everyday life, you may just be coasting through your days. Nothing is really enjoyable because you either don't notice it or because you don't take the responsibility of changing it. Those everyday details are your life. Getting what you want in your life begins a transformation.

Once you take these steps- awareness and self-responsibility - your life will begin to change. Enjoyment will begin to be a part of your everyday life. It's that simple.


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