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I have a set of these cards ... they come in a sturdy, colorful box and I read and meditate on one card at a time ... very powerful and cleansing. Louise Hay is an inspiration for me.

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The Belief Secret

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488 Affirmations
I listen to these and like them not only because they are powerful and relevant but because I can play my own music while I listen. 




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Yoga for Flexibility

Fitness and Flexibility Lesson from Your Cat

Take a Fitness Lesson From Your Cat

Take a lesson from the cat, one of the most athletically fit and agile animals on the planet.  One of their secrets in is their elaborate cat stretching routine they perform each time they awaken.  This series of stretches is one of the main ways that the cat stays so agile and flexible. 

You can use this cat secret to increase your own flexibility and agility. Try a morning routine of stretching and rotating each and every muscle, starting at your feet and working your way up to your neck and face.  It takes only a few moments and it feels great!  It works for even the truly lazy - it can be done before you even get out of bed!


Cat Stretches:

Remember that all stretches are gentle, slow, and should cause no pain. In fact, they should feel great!

Create your own cat stretches (watch your cat for ideas) or use these:

Make your body as long and lean as possible and point your toes and stretch your arms up over your head.

Stretch your body long and lean, arms over head, but this time point with your heels.

Arch your back (from laying on side or on hands and knees) while you breath out. There is even a yoga position called Cat when this stretch is done while on hands and knees. It is very effective for relieving back pain.

Push your chest out and shoulders back. Then push your shoulders forward and chest in.

Slowly rotate your head from side to side and and then roll your head from front to back.

Rotate your shoulders. Reverse direction and repeat.

Rotate your hips. (Think sensual.) Reverse direction and repeat.

Stretch one leg longer than the other, then switch legs and repeat.

Stretch one arm longer than the other, then switch arms and repeat.

Stretch out any other muscles or area that feels stiff or needs to be awakened. Listen to your body and be aware of every muscle.

Breathe in deep (cats will take a startlingly huge-mouthed yawn) and start your day.

WebMd has a good list of basic stretches with (rather tiny) illustrations and detailed instructions.

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Increase your success with wisdom from these highly respected, classic, works:

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity - Your Master Key to Prosperity by Catherine Ponder

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - Although there are many reprinted versions of Think and Grow Rich, this is my strong recommendation. The book is paperback with an unusually durable binding and pliable cover and pages. It feels magnificent to hold and to fold back the pages for reading and highlighting.

I have heavily highlighted copies of both of these books and consider them books to reference and re-read on a continual basis.

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